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What Is EDGE Silver?

EDGE Meetups Groups of 6-8 small business owners that meet bi-weekly to help each other set and keep their business goals and provide accountability, encouragement, and solutions.

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EDGE Silver Can Help You Grow Your Business


By using a proven and time-tested goal setting strategy, you will learn how to set achievable goals and have the accountability to reach them.


There’s nothing like the collective strength of a powerful group pouring creativity into masterminded solutions to your challenges.


Even the most brilliant business people can’t succeed alone. With EDGE, your fellow members and group facilitators become trusted advisers.


When you get to know someone’s business, opportunities arise to network or create something together… new products, services or revenue streams.


All the self-discipline in the world is no match for accountability. Peers won’t let you off the hook so easily and they'll help you stay on track.


Time is money. Your EDGE group will offer you insight and wisdom on everything you’re doing. It’s like having your own board of directors.


We can get too close to our own situation. Peers ask tough questions, enlighten your experience and help you think outside the box.


People feel immense fulfillment when their ideas make a difference. With peer advising, your contribution is visible and valuable.

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